Human Development Report

About the report

  • Annual published by the UNDP which first launched in the year 1990
  • It includes discussions of major development issues, trends and policies in the world.

Three dimensions of Human Development

  1. Standard of Living which is calculated though the Gross National Income Per Capita.
  2. Health which is calculated through Life Expectancy at Birth.
  3. Education which is calculated through mean years of education among the adult population and expected years of schooling for children.

Besides this also includes four other indices

  1. Inequality Adjusted HDI
  2. Gender Development Index
  3. Gender Inequality Index
  4. Multidimensional Poverty Index

This approach was developed by economist Mahbub Ul Haq and Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen.

Report 2015

  • India Ranks at 130th ranks lower than countries like Namibia, Tajikistan, Guatemala and even Iraq.
  • Norway has ranked first with an HDI value of 0.944.
  • Norway is followed by Australia, Switzerland and Denmark.
  • United States ranks 8th while China ranks 90th.
  • Pakistan and Bangladesh have a rank of 147 and 142 respectively.
  • Sri Lanka ranks a very high of 73 and falls in the ambit of High HDI countries.

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