Marrakech Action Proclamation on climate : The Outcome of COP22

The nearly 200 nations attending the UN climate summit , adopted the Marrakech Action Proclamation , sending out a strong signal to the world on climate action. A key document emerging from the negotiations at COP22, to signal a shift towards a new era of implementation and action on climate and sustainable development.

Outcome of COP22

  • Paris Momentum : Stressed on nations having to rapidly build on the post-Paris momentum, and move forward purposefully to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • 2030 Agenda : To foster adaptation efforts, thereby benefiting and supporting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that was adopted at the UN headquarters in New York last year.
  • Political Will : The Proclamation called for the highest political commitment to combat climate change, as a matter of urgent priority.
  • Vulnerable Countries : Countries also demanded solidarity with those countries most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, highlighting the need to support efforts aimed to enhance their adaptive capacity, strengthen resilience and reduce vulnerability.
  • Financing : An increase in the volume, flow and access to finance for climate projects, the Developed Country Parties, reaffirm our USD $100 billion mobilisation goal
  • Technology : Improved capacity and technology, including from the developed to the developing countries.
  • Parties to the Kyoto Protocol : The nations, who are Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (which does not include the U.S.) also encouraged the speedy ratification of the Doha Amendment with its focus on pre-2020 action
  • Gap in Emission Trajectories : Called for urgently raising ambition and strengthening cooperation amongst countries to close the gap between current emissions trajectories and the pathway needed to meet the long-term temperature goals of the Paris Agreement

Concern over implementation

  • Post US president concern : The UN climate summit started under the shadows of the US Presidential elections results. Donald Trump, who has called climate change a hoax and threatened to pull out of the treaty. Donald Trump stand on climate agreement will be crucial for the implementation.
  • EU member states : So far, just 14 EU member states have ratified the deal. The reluctance of the other 14 forced European diplomats to be creative, ratifying the Paris Agreement on behalf of the EU after receiving the green light from the European Parliament.While this allowed the agreement to enter into force as planned on 4 November, the concrete consequences of the deal, which must be defined by 2018, are still in limbo. In the current context, the EU’s lack of ambition and unity of vision is all the more worrying.


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