Humans, India’s Remote High Altitude Station

  • Better study and quantify the Himalayan glacier
  • National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Goa Under the Monastery of Earth Sciences has establish a high altitude research station in Himalaya called HIMANSH 
  • HIMANSH means a slice of ice situated above 13,000ft at a remote region in South, Himachal Pradesh
  • The station houses instrument to quantify the glacier melting and it’s relation to change climate

Some of the facility include

      1. Automatic Weather Stations for weather monitoring 
      2. Water level recorder for quantifying the glacier melting
      3. Ground penetrating radar knows the thickness of glaciers 
      4. Geodetic GPS system study the glacier movement 
      5. Snow fork for studying snow thickness
      6. Steam drill snow corer 
      7. Temperature profiler
      8. Various glaciological tools
      • This will be using Terrestrial Laser Scanners and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that would digitise the glacier motion and snow cover of variations with exceptional precision.

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