Planning Commission

  • “The Planning Commission was set up March 1950 to promote a rapid rise in the standard of living of the people by efficient exploitation of the resources of the country, increasing production and offering opportunities to all for employment in the service of the community.”
  • The Planning Commission was charged with the responsibility of making assessment of all resources of the country, augmenting deficient resources, formulating plans for the most effective and balanced utilization of resources and determining priorities.

Basic Ideas

First Chairman    : Jawaharlal Nehru

Deputy Chaiman : Gulsarilal Nanda

Head quarters     : Yojana Bhavan

Father of Planning Commission : M.Visweswaraaya

Concept of Economic planning   : Russia

  • The planning commisiion was set up in the article 39 of the constitution
  • It is an advisory body
  • After 2015 Planning commisiion was replaced by NITI Aayog

NITI Aayog : National Institute of transforming India is a policy of India that replaces Planning Commission and aims to involve the state economic policy

National Development Council (NDC)

  • NDC  is a constitutional body to make a co-operative environment between the Planning Commission and the state
  • Chief Ministers all the states, Members of Planning Commission and representatives of the Union Territories are the members of NDC

       Functions of NDC

  • Approval of Five Year Plan
  • Implementation of Integral Rural Development Programme
  • Approval, Implementation and Assessment of all development Programmes in India
  • Implementation of Community Development Programme

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