Start Preparation

Clear idea of Exam process

UPSC Civil Service Examination is a one year long process. The exam conducted in three stages. First stage is the Preliminary Examination which is an elimination test and objective type questions . Second stage Mains Examination  and the marks obtained in the examination is counted for the ranking. There are 8 papers in the mains examination. Third stage is the Interview.

Read The Hindu news paper religiously and regularly

Reading the Hindu news paper never means a casual reading. Understanding the events of national and of International importance. So the reading of News paper means analysing the events. It is a guide for the UPSC preparation. Prepare news paper notes and revision of the notes is very important.

Understand the syllabus

Get the syllabus for Mains and Prelims. Take a printout of the syllabus while preparing. Mug up the syllabus. Each time reading any article compare it with the syllabus. Once we understand the syllabus it is easy for identify what to study.

Get all the books

Before start preparation make a Book List for prelims and mains. Get all the books. Check our book list link. 

Read NCERT books First

Read 6th to 12th standard NCERT books of History, Geography, Democratic Politics, Economics. For detailed book list Click Here. A good understanding of the NCERT will help to increase your basic knowledge. 

Make a proper Time table

Make a timetable and stick on it. The timetable and proper implementation of it will d help your preparation. It will be very difficult to stick on it initially. As you stick on it you will start love preparation gradually. How to make an effective timetable ?

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