Current Affairs 5 September 2016

Willing to work with India :china

  • G20 summit 2016 held at Hangzhou,China.
  • India raised concerns several concern including terrorism emerging from the area covered by the China-Pak economic corridor.
  • Talks about 46bn dollar connectivity project.
  • China emphasized on improving relationship with nations.
  • Social media to promote radical ideology in a growing dimension.


  • An International form for government and central bank governors from 20 major countries.
  • Founded in 1999 aims at studying,reviewing and promoting high level discussion of policy issues pertaining  to the promotion of international financial stability.
  • Members : Argentina,Australia,Brazil,Canada,China,France,Germany, India,,Indonesia,Italy,Japan,South Korea,Mexico,Russia,Saudi Arabia,South Africa,Turkey U.K. and U.S  along with European Union

Source : The Hindu

Syllabus : GS II-bilateral ,regional and global groupings and agreement involving India or affecting India interest


Kashmiri Pandit issue

  • Demanded a separate union territory for the community in the valley for permanently rehabilitating them.
  • No other solution as they were forced to leave their home during the onset of militancy in Kashmir .
  • Union territory of Pasum Kashmir north and east of river Jhelum for the rehabilitation of internally displaced Hindus of Kashmir.

Pasum Kashmira front line Kashmiri Pandit Organization

Source : The Hindu

Syllabus : GS III – Security challenges and their management in border areas;linkages  of organised crime with terrorism.

Mobile access schemes for remote areas soon

  • A Flagship of Digital India Program.
  • 55000 villages will be providing mobile access under the plan.
  • funding will be by universal Service obligation Fund (USOF).
  • For this  villages will be categorised into Himlayan region (J&K,Uttarakhand,Himachal predesh) and border sharing states.
  • 4700 Himalayan states and 2138 Border states are not yet connected.
  • In Kerala and Karnataka all villages are having connectivity.
  • Bharat Net Project -another project of broad band connectivity to households by 2017.


  • Maintained by government .
  • Fund to boost connectivity in rural areas.
  • fund is through a Universal Access Levy charged from telecom operator as a percentage of various licenses fee being paid by them.

Source : The Hindu

Syllabus : GS II – e-governance

Real time monitoring of crowds at railway stations

  • Indian railway deployed intelligent video analytics to access crowd density at major railway stations.
  • Initiate crowd control measures when the number passengers exceeds a limit.
  • Taken from National  Disaster management Authority guidelines on crowd control the railway  included crowd management in its revised Disaster management Plan.
  • Installed in Chennai Central and Egmore railway station on a trial basis.
  • This system will give an automatic alert to the Railway Protection Force(RPF)  and Government Railway Protection (GRP) Personnel to set in certain standard operating procedure.(SOP).
  • SOP include temporary ban on the time of platform tickets and closure of parking lot till normal condition is restored.
  • Zonal railway stations focus on crowd management strategies,risk analysis and preparedness information management and dissemination ,safety measures and emergency planning,transportation and traffic.

Source : The Hindu

Syllabus : GS II – Disaster mangement

Zika alert in India 

  • According to study India ,china and Bangladesh are vulnerable to Zika virus .
  • These countries receive a combination of high volume of travelers from Zika affected areas,have mosquitoes capable of transmitting Zika virus,Climate conductive to local spread and limited health resources.
  • According to study identifying where  and when population would be more susceptible to local transmission of zika virus could help inform public health decisions about the use of fluite resources.
  • Transmitted through Aedes mosquito: transmits dengue and chikunguniya.
  • WHO reported 22 countries and territories of America from local transmission of zika virus has been reported.

Source : The Hindu

Syllabus : GS II – developmental studies ;health.

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